Your donation ensures we are able to continue to deliver our expertise and specialised support services to all those who turn to us.


We're yout link to social, emotional, psychological and medical support on any given day you'll find the following services, free of charge.

  • Inform and Inspire
    “Hoping is Coping” 4 week course with Denise Bernstein, 17 year Cancer survivor, Cansa and Hospice trained. Guest speakers - Professor Donde, radiation oncologist, Gayle Landau, oncology dietitian, social worker and survivor. Advice and trauma counselling for patients and care-givers.Classes, Workshops, Videos, CDs, events

  • Family Focus
    BFFE – Best Friends Forever links volunteers with patients or siblings for daily emotional support. Lifestyle support includes lift service and meal support, shopping and errands. Busy Box – supervising children with homework crafts, baking and activities at home or at the DL Link Centre. Cool Kidz Camp with fun activities year-round.

  • Connect and Care
    Hospital and home visits. Medical Aid Admin - our committee liaises with Discovery and Liberty on our patients’ behalf Linking people who share similar diagnoses and experiences. The centre is a home away from home to relax.

  • Informative Events/Educational Seminars/Courses
    Like “Hoping is Coping”: - Talks by oncologist, social worker, nutritionist and survivor facilitated by an experienced counsellor.

  • BFFE – Best Friends Forever Programme
    Patients, children of patients or siblings of patients are linked with a volunteer who benefits them.

  • During and Post Treatment Support Groups
    Get-togethers with motivational speakers, spa days, healthy cooking demos and more.

  • Patient Counselling
    Advice and trauma counselling for patients and care-givers.

  • Family Focus
    Lifestyle support for families and care-givers.

  • Kids Treat
    Princess and Superhero – were we make the patient, child or siblings feel extra special for a day

  • Holiday Breaks and Getaways
    DL Link is often kindly donated holidays for our members to relax, recharge, revitalize and enjoy some ‘time out’.

  • Holiday Programmes, Fun Activities & Events Year Round
    For patients, their families and caregivers.

  • Busy Box
    “Big brothers and sisters” supervise and mentor kids with crafts, baking and activities at their home or at the DL Link Centre.

  • Hospital & Home Visit
    Offering comfort, support and practical assistance to patients and family members.

  • Videos, CDs, Library and Multi-media Centre
    Our Members can choose from a range of informative, knowledgeable disks to enjoy at their leisure.

  • Lift Services
    We arrange free transport services for patients and their families.

  • Meal SupportMeal Support
    Shopping, meals, coffees and errands.

  • Homework Supervision
    Our au pairs are available to tutor school-going children.

  • Pamper Services
    Beauty treatments-facials, manicures and pedicures Alternative therapies: Reflexology, Aromatherapy and head, food and back massage.

  • Medical Aid Admin
    Assisting families with time consuming medical aid admin.

  • Best face forward
    Helpful tips in make-up and selfimage

  • Link
    Connecting people who share similar diagnoses and experiences .

  • Medical Link
    We provide referrals and links to Dr Susan Bleden and Dr Michael Setzer for medical advice.

  • Classes and Workshops forward
    To nourish mind, body and soul and to keep everyone active and stimulated.

  • Revive
    Beauty treatments-facials, manicures and pedicures, Reflexology, Aromatherapy and head, foot and back massage. Holiday Breaks and Getaways sponsored by donors for patients who desperately need time out and cannot afford it.