When Faced With Serious Illness, We’re Their Link.

The journey through Cancer can be long, demanding and draining. The DL Link is here to share this very lonely burden and help patients and families affected by Cancer withstand this crisis.

Walking With Our Warriors... In Their Own Word

" I truly felt reborn. I hadn't been in a pool for years and that floating feeling did the job of transporting me beyond myself, beyond Joburg and far beyond my Cancer. Thank you so much DL Link "

" You have no idea what a blessing it is for me to have those head-coverings that I got from DL Link today. They did not move around and threaten to fall off, they were comfortable and it felt like my head was being held in the caring hands of a loving person. "

" Thank you to the silent donors who give so that we, the Warriors, can experience real peace, tranquility and love from one human being to another. It was certainly one of the best days I have experienced since the shocking diagnosis six years ago. "

" Arrived back from chemo. The door bell goes and DL Link delivered Challah and supper. Best feeling ever. Love you guys. "

" Sitting here with no hair, no eyebrows or eyelashes, just an empty shell. But DL Link's spa days are revitalizing to a broken spirit. I'm ready for my next battle "