TEAM DL LINK will participate in the 10km, 21.1km and 42.2km races at the Jerusalem Marathon on March 15 2019 to celebrate endurance and survival.

By joining our team, you will receive:

A Running kit (Bag, Shirt, Wind breaker, Cap, phone pouch and some exciting ‘extras’
10% Off the marathon registration fee.
Personalised training programme (running/nutrition)
A complimentary tour of the Old City and the Kotel Tunnels (‘Light at the end of the tunnels’)
We value your support and prayers. This will include a group Tefilla (prayer) session at the Kotel for all those who need recovery.
A pre-marathon team dinner- free for full and half marathon runners, 50 nis. for 10km runners.
Access to our running mentors
Online updates on our Facebook page
Amazing prizes to be won for the highest fundraisers
Pre-marathon ‘send-off’ event in SA

Registration for the Marathon closes on the 22nd Feb. 
Please follow this link to register and enter the following code to be a part of our team and receive 10% off: dllinkjem2019


DL Link is now involved with over 780 families affected by Cancer. We are here to reach out with any care that these families may need. While many are planning their 
December holidays, some these families, are battling to absorb their news, going straight into treatment and at the same time, trying to keep siblings and children at ‘bay’. 

By running the Jerusalem Marathon, we are identifying with their struggles, giving them added strength and raising much needed funds so that we can continue to 
reach out to patients and their families. Raising money may seem like a daunting task, however, we are here to assist you – it’s easier than you think!

The DL Link would be grateful to you if you can ‘come in’ with a minimum amount of R 5400.00

  Should you need assistance to cover travel costs, please speak to us as there will be a way for part expenses covered through your 
fundraising efforts by raising R36 000 or more.

By raising R72 00.00, you will receive R18 000 towards your ticket and accommodation. 

By raising R180 000, you will be awarded with 2 return tickets and a double room at Prima Kings Jerusalem for 5 nights! 


Important details


Registration for the Marathon closes on the 22nd Feb (early registration until the 9th Dec).
Please follow this link to register and enter the following code to be a part of our team and receive 10% off: dllinkjem2019

Flights and accommodation arrangements:

Runners will be booking their own tickets but we are happy to help find the best flights.
Please contact Shirley Katz on 083 375 8888 who will be giving us the best deals on your preferred dates. 
Packages available which will include ticket plus 5 night’s stay at the Prima Park hotel with some of our runners.

 Our week will include:

Old city tour, lunch and our special Kotel tunnels trip, where we will be praying for our patients.
Shabbat dinner at the hotel.Professional photographer for 2 days – these pics will be made available to everyone on our return.
Some exciting extras for Israel’s 70th year.This is with gratitude from DL Link for your fundraising efforts.

This is optional! You can also join us on the day for the marathon if you have made your own plans in Jerusalem.

 **Should you need assistance with covering costs, please speak to us 
regarding covering a portion of the costs, depending on your fundraising efforts.

We will be honouring our sponsors at our ‘send-off’ event and will be wearing logos internationally.

 DL Link will be creating a sponsor page, making fundraising very easy, where a sponsor can pay directly to DL Link which and allocate it to your name.

 The motivation of our trip is to run in the name of someone needing a recovery (which will be printed on your shirt) or in a special person’s honour so family members/friends 
will be able to sponsor in the name of someone to whom they are connected. We are including special prayers for them at the Kotel.

 Should you have a sponsor in mind for a significant amount, a DL Link representative will be happy to go to a meeting with you to ‘bring them on board’.

 We will also be sending out fundraising tips along the way.We are here to guide you through your RUN and fundraising efforts!

Thank you for joining us in the race against Cancer!